My Reward Board

My Reward Board 1.62

Give your kids motivation to do their best

Parents, can you imagine your children cleaning their rooms, brushing their teeth, doing their homework, and saving their money, all without complaint? Wouldn't it feel good to spend more positive time with them instead of all the nagging, yelling, and pleading?

Try My Reward Board program today and before long your kids will be motivated to do their best everyday. Watch with pride as they grow in responsibility, goal setting skills, money sense, and more.

My Reward Board


My Reward Board 1.62

User reviews about My Reward Board

  • andrea.b.williams.92

    by andrea.b.williams.92

    "Need code"

    We love this program, but cannot buy a code; the website does not work. Any ideas..   More.

  • skmcdade

    by skmcdade

    "Great Motivator for Kids"

    My kids love this program; they are doing their chores as well as setting and working on behavior goals. I'm even us...   More.

  • red_johnny

    by red_johnny

    "Good thing for kids"

    Pretty good program to help kids learn to do chores and get rewards for those chores..   More.